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Wake me up

Wake me up

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This is a song that I always think I'm a bit 'meh' about, but then it comes on the radio and I find myself toe-tapping away and have a little under-the-breath singalong. The sure signs of a super-catchy number!

And then almost hidden amongst the EDM tones are the lyrics, which are really powerful I think when you really take the time to think about them. Of course, they're made ever more poignant by the tragic loss of Avicii himself. I made this print in the yellow and blue of Sweden by way of tribute.

The work is printed onto wonderful heavyweight matt paper, which gives it tremendous tone and clarity of colour.

The print is A4 in size, so fits very easily into readily-available frames. It is available unframed (posted together with an A4 backing board) or framed in a simple frame with white mount. Please choose which option you would prefer.

Unframed - 30 x 21 cm (A4)
Framed - 42 x 32 cm (roughly A3)